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We handle your maintenance.

Maintenance can be costly, but we make sure your expenses are kept low and your property remains in excellent condition. We know that a well-maintained home will help you maximize the return you earn on this investment.

HomeRiver Group® Triad works with Triad Maintenance Services to preserve the value of all the properties we manage. Vendors are licensed, insured, and great at what they do.

Some things you need to know about our maintenance services:

request repairs online
Tenants can request repairs online, at any time. This provides the documentation we need to track the work and reconcile the invoices.
24-hour emergency hotline
We have a 24-hour emergency hotline.
regular maintenance
For regular maintenance, we’ll contact the tenants as soon as we get the request, and we’ll make sure the work is completed within 5 business days.
HomeRiver Group® Triad works with HOAs all the time – providing maintenance and repair work as well as budgeting and preventative maintenance planning.
preventative plans
Take advantage of our preventative plans. We offer gutter cleaning, HVAC servicing, and winterization services.
tenant responsibility
Tenants know they’re responsible for keeping the property neat and clean.

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