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5 Tips To Help Maintain Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog
Maintenance. It can be a pain but it is something that you have to account for when it comes up. Loan officers claim that landlords should account for annual maintenance expenses to be about 1.5x the monthly rent. If you... read more >>

Top Myths About Tenant Evictions

Property Management Blog
Evictions are a landlord’s nightmare, but you’ll probably have to deal with one at some point. Since March 2020 alone, there have been over 1.1 million evictions in the United States.Evicting a tenant should be your la... read more >>

4 Property Management Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Property Management Blog
51% of people who own properties go the extra step to hire a property manager to oversee the properties in their portfolio. Although it's a smart move to hire a property manager, some mistakes can be made, but they can also be... read more >>

Don’t Make These 4 Tenant Screening Mistakes

Property Management Blog
It doesn't matter how well prepared you are as a landlord if you don't screen your tenants. Tenant screening can make or break your rental experience and make or break your investment property. So, how can you guarantee th... read more >>
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