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Don’t Make These 4 Tenant Screening Mistakes

Property Management Blog
It doesn't matter how well prepared you are as a landlord if you don't screen your tenants. Tenant screening can make or break your rental experience and make or break your investment property. So, how can you guarantee th... read more >>

Tenant Screening for Evictions: Why Is It Important?

Property Management Blog
Imagine this: People living on your property decide they no longer want to pay the rent. Even worse, the property you rent out to someone is destroyed. Not only do you lose money from having no income, but the damages are also cos... read more >>

Understanding the Basics of an Owner Disbursement

Property Management Blog
Did you know that, on average, landlords collect just under $35,000 in rent every year? The money collected from rent often acts as a landlord's supplemental income and can even replace their main source of income entirel... read more >>

The Importance of Doing a Tenant Background Check

Property Management Blog
A landlord in the Triad area is likely to make 2% more than the national average. If you're a new landlord, there are a lot of things that are important to know. Some things you'll naturally pick up as you go along, b... read more >>
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