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The Birch Quarterly October 2016

System - Monday, October 24, 2016
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We are fortunate to hit all three of our core fundamentals, education, industry involvement, and technology in the quarter’s issue of The Birch Quarterly! We believe that these fundamentals are the foundation of our business and commitment to providing a truly industry leading product for our customers and clients.

A big congratulation goes out to Stephanie Earley, one of our Client Services Representatives, who recently earned her NC Real Estate License. In order to earn her license, Mrs. Earley had to attend 90 class-room hours of education, pass a school specific exam, and then the NC Real Estate Commission exam.

Not only was this endeavor challenging to Mrs. Earley, but pulled her out of the office for extended periods of time to attend class and study. She never missed a beat nor worried about the extra time. Congratulations Stephanie!


November 9, 2016 will mark a new day for Birch Management as we convert to the latest edition of the software that we have run since 2007. Unlike a typical software conversion, this conversion will involve significant back-end improvements for all our benefit.

Right now, we are finalizing over a year of planning to bring this exciting improvement to reality. Shortly before November 9, 2016 our clients will receive a more detailed letter regarding the conversion and the steps involved, including the time of a very brief outage of the owner web access portal.

There is a lot that will be new and we will touch on a few of those items here: leasing web access, owner web access, and the programming interface.

The process of leasing a property contains many, many steps and the software developers have been hard at work designing an interface to assist in that endeavor. Included in the newly designed Leasing Web Access are improvements to help automate the process and get prospective residents converted to residents as easily and quickly as possible. Additionally, throughout the tenancy there are multiple improvements to improve the resident’s experience, hopefully leading to retention of the resident.

We are very proud to have been the first company in the market to provide direct online account access to our clients. Additionally, we are proud to have been able to improve and expand this access for the benefit of our client. One of the improvements in our new Owner Web Access involves the security of your data, moving from a user name and password based authentication process to one in which your e-mail and a password will be used. This is the one area that will need your attention, so keep an eye out for instructions. Once online you will have all the access that you have enjoyed for many years now.

The programming interface of our new software version contains a completely open API (Automated Programming Interface), meaning that we will be able to read and write data to our database, including the automation of many manual tasks. This will provide for even greater communication with anyone we work with.

Once we have the updated version in place and have ensured proper operation, we will then start utilizing many of the new features. There is a long list of improvements that we have planned, so stay tuned.

Industry Involvement

The third of our core fundamentals, industry involvement, was never more practiced than this fall. Members of our staff participated in 4 different events, all designed to provide industry insight and operational Best Practices.

Our CEO chaired his last meeting as Chair of the NC Association of Realtors Property Management Division at the annual NCAR conference in September. Among the topics discussed at the annual meeting were legal and legislative hot topics as presented by fellow board members and the Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel of the NC Real Estate Commission. It is such a great opportunity to be able to participate in these events to ensure proper operations to protect the liability of our clients. We were the only Triad firm that had any representatives at the meeting, and proud to be there.

The NCAR PMD had 2 nationally known speakers each conduct full day sessions on different operational aspects of the property management business. These sessions allowed for open dialogue among industry peers in a non-competitive setting for everyone’s benefit. We have already been able to implement improvements to some of our operations as a result.

October saw additional staff members venture to Orlando for the annual convention of our software provider. This event consists of approximately 650 users from all over the country; once again, we were the only Triad company represented. This annual conference allows for significant operational and networking opportunities. We are able to openly discuss so much information on industry accepted Best Practices for the mutual benefit of all involved.

Ending October brought the NC-CCIM Chapter annual conference and continuing education session. This event brought commercial practitioners together from all over the state for discussions on current issues, as well as updates from the NC Real Estate Commission.

Market Statistics

Service Announcements

Toll Free Direct Number: Our clients can now simply dial a toll free number 1-844-5CLIENT (525-4368) to be routed to our entire Client Services Team. If someone is available your call will be answered, if you get our client voicemail please leave a detailed message so we may return your call as soon as possible. Do keep in mind that our Client Services Team is always on the go evaluating the needs of
 your properties!

Owner Web Login: Our industry leading owner web login on our website is our clients' link to their information. Here is a sample of the information that is available by logging into your secure account on our website:

  • Account Balance
  • Open Payables
  • Open Receivables (has my tenant paid)
  • Service Issues
  • Posted Invoices- retrieve and store copies of all invoices posted to your account

Operating Schedule: Our regular operating hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30am-5:00pm and Fridays from 8:30am-4:00pm. Our next scheduled office closings will be November 24-25, 2016 and December 23, 26, and 30, 2016, followed by January 2, 2017.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer personalized and professional service to both our clients and customers by building strong relationships, utilizing the latest technology, implementing effective marketing strategies, following consistent systems all with honesty and integrity throughout every facet of our business.