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“So I must say, I logged in and I was very impressed.....AMAZING. I'm so glad I found you guys. If you ever need a reference for another client that is looking for you to be their property manager, please let me know....I would be happy to give you guys some really glowing reviews!!"
- Tim S., Owner

“I'm really impressed that you guys are so attentive and helpful to both me and my tenants. I realize we're just one property of the zillions you manage, so this level of attention is great. I wasn't expecting this at all. Thanks so much!”
- Casey C., Owner

“This has truly been a great experience renting from Birch Management.”
- Anita M., Resident

“This has truly been a great experience renting from Birch Management.”
- Anita M., Resident

“And let me just say thanks for all you do. You and the rest of your team have significantly reduce the stress in my life. I don't worry about the property at all because I feel I have the best team working for me... Now if you guys can only expand your business to Fayetteville LOL.”
- Lee W., Owner

“ an out of state owner who has recently changed the management of two NC properties to your company, I just wanted to provide you with a quick note of feedback. First and foremost, let me mention that from my initial contact through the entire process of marketing the properties, both Tina and Christie have been very professional, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Valuable assets to your "team" for sure ! I am particularly impressed with the efficient manner in which your company is run and appreciate the use of technology which is very beneficial to myself in the area of time management, eg: online income statements, balance sheet reports, cash flow reports, and the use of electronic communication. Other property management companies I utilize outside of NC still using antiquated business systems would be envious.”
- Richard P., Owner

“You and your organization are by far the most professional and informative and the easiest to deal with.”
- Patti G., Owner

“Thanks to you, Christie, and the Birch Team. You are building a very impressive real estate management operation.”
- Phil H., Owner

“Rach and I just wanted to thank all of you for the speed, and efficiency, of the repairs at our home. Moving is a stressful time, and small things going wrong can have a compounding effect. We really appreciate the excellent service we have received, because having these repairs being made so quickly has helped make each day here better than the last! Thanks again.”
- Rachel M. and Michael S., Residents

“The townhome has been without issue for us, and your team has been a pleasure to work with.”
- Paul S., Resident

“It's nice to live under a management company that places such a high emphasis on tenant satisfaction…especially after our last Greensboro Housing experience”
- Matt and Becky L., Residents

“Good afternoon. I just wanted to say thank you both for all of your help with the concerns that I'm experiencing with my rental house (Hertford St). Your outstanding customer service does not go unnoticed.”
- Brian B., Owner

“Birch Management has provided us with professional, courteous, and excellent service from day one. As property owners, we have a high level of expectation when we have to invest our trust in a management company. Lee, Bob, Christie, Rita and Michele has surpassed that expectation in more ways than one. Keep up the excellent work.”
- Henry and Arline A., Owners

“I couldn't be happier or have more peace of mind knowing that Birch Management is watching over our real estate investment. This group has their systems in place making sure not to miss the important details - which I so appreciate. They're organized, professional and friendly. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this team!!”
- Colleen G., Owner