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Renters Contents & Liability Program

We are pleased to partner with Effective Coverage to offer industry leading insurance coverage for your rental property. Effective Coverage has tailored their program to offer residential renters the peace of mind to protect your belongings and financial well-being.

All insurance is offered through Effective Coverage. a licensed insurance agency. Birch Management is not acting in the capacity of an insurance agent in this offering. Birch Management does not sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance. Please find details below of the program and how it can help you. All insurance specific information has been provided by Effective Coverage, who are avaiolabto answer your questions 7 days a week.

Limits of Coverage

Renters Contents Coverage Coverage
Personal Property Contents $10,000 & up
HO4 Contents (Broad Form) Included
Additional Living Expense Limit $2,000 & up
Deductible (per location per occurrence) $500
Renters Liability Coverage Coverage
Each Occurrence Limit $100,000 & up
Damage to Property of Others $1,000
Medical Pay Limit $1,000 & up
Deductible N/A

Benefits of Plan

Here are a few of the Effective Coverage renters insurance program benefits:

Does the Plan Cover Personal Belongings in Storage and Away From My Residence?

Personal property located somewhere other than the "residence premises" covered at 10% of the limit of personal property contents, or $1,000, whichever is greater.

Is Water Damage and Flooding Covered by Renters Insurance?

There are 2 different perils. Damage caused by a leak or overflow originating from inside of the property (water damage) may be covered. Damage caused by water entering the property from outside due to a rise in water (flood), is not a covered peril and requires a separate policy.

Are the Belongings that I Take on Vacation Covered Too?

Coverage is available for personal property owned or used by you while it is anywhere in the world.


How Much of My Personal Property and Liability Coverage Is My Landlord's Responsibility?



Will I Be Protected If My Dog Bites Someone?

There is coverage to protect you against a claim or lawsuit; however, exclusions are prevalent for certain breeds.


Can I Get Renters Insurance From My Own Carrier?

Yes! We only require that each resident have liability insurance and you are free to purchase it from any provider. Please be sure to have Birch Management listed as "Additional Interested Party" on your policy, with PO Box 3710, Albany, NY 12203 to comply. Your certificate of coverage must be submitted directly to Effective Coverage for verification prior to move-in.

How Do I Submit My Certificate of Coverage from My Provider?

There are several ways in which you can easily supply your certificate of coverage to us:


How Do I Pay For Renters Insurance?

Monthly costs will be billed and collected by Effective Coverage

What is the Cost?

The cost is depedent on the coverage that you select and the rates are typically less than $15.00 per month!

Are There Any Other Fees Associated With the Program?

There are no fees if you maintain adequate coverage on file.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up is very simple- just visit the dedicated Birch Management Effective Coverage web page. The decision to offer coverage and all claims related determinations are made exclusively by Effective Coverage. All questions regarding coverage should be directed to Effective Coverage.

Can My Coverage Be Terminated?

As with any insurance coverage, if you do not pay your premiums, coverage will terminate.

What Happens if My Coverage Terminates?

In the event that your coverage is terminated, either by the carrier or you, there will be additional rent of $10.00 per month added to your account as a non-compliance fee.

Where Does the Non-Compliance Fee of $10 per Month Go?

As mentioned above, if your coverage is terminated there will be additional rent of $10.00 per month due. The additional rent will go to Birch Management as an adminstrative fee.

Why Would I Just Not Pay the $10.00 per Month Instead of Buying Insurance?

The additional rent payment of $10.00 per month does not provide you any insurance coverage. Therefore, you would have no liability or contents coverage, leaving you personally liable.

Who Provides the Coverage?


The coverage is offered through Effective Coverage by an A.M. Best "A" rated insurance company. Click here for more details on Effective Coverage. Effective Coverage can also be contacted via telephone at 800-892-4308, via fax at 800-892-4308, or via mail at 1809 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.

Who Do I Contact if I Need More Information on the Policies?

All questions regarding the actual coverage must be directed to Effective Coverage. Here is their contact information: 17 British American Blvd, Avenue, Albany, NY 12110, telephone 800-892-4308, fax at 518-347-9030.