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The expectations of a renter today are much different than expectations from even a few years ago. As customer needs continue to evolve, so do the services at Birch Management! Renters today demand a leading edge approach to allow greater convenience and flexibility.

Rent collection from a few years ago

The Birch Way

Our rent collection options are all designed for the convenience of the resident and benefit of the landlord. After all, your investment property will not offer you a return on investment unless you are collecting rent. Let us show you how we can do it for you!

Cash Pay

Birch Management, Inc. is pleased to offer a cash payment option for our residents through our merchant services provider. This convenient option allows our residents to pay with cash at over 25,000 CheckFreePay® locations nationwide, including Walmart, Kmart, and Ace Cash Pay locations. This is a very convenient and inexpensive manner to make payment for those residents that either must, or choose to, pay via money orders. No more going to the store to purchase a money order and then delivering it to one of our offices!

Our service is very simple, all you need to do is notify us of your intent to use the service and we will set up your account. Just send us an e-mail to and let us know.

For some general information from our provider, please click here.

For a list of the many locations where you can pay with cash, please click here.

All provisions of the lease apply to this service, including late payment and acceptance provisions.