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Investment Property in Greensboro: Best Places to Buy Rental Property 2022

System - Tuesday, August 2, 2022
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You've had your sights set on real estate in Greensboro, North Carolina, for a while. And now, you're ready to start seeking the perfect investment property in Greensboro.

Smart thinking. According to research, Greensboro is considered to be among the top 100 cities to live in. And that means Greensboro is one of the best cities to buy rental property.

The question is, where exactly in this hot rental market should you pursue investment properties?

Here's a rundown on where to look for a rental property in Greensboro this summer.

Let's jump in!

Fisher Park

This neighborhood, located in Greensboro's north and central area, is deemed one of the city's best for real estate investing and living for multiple reasons.

For starters, the neighborhood is surrounded by parks that are family friendly, as well as lush woods. The area also features plenty of stone bridges, streams, and nature trails. So, if you buy a rental property in this area, your tenants will be able to go on many outdoor adventures.


This is yet another neighborhood worth investing in due to being a growing suburb and community.

In Summerfield, you'll find a shopping center and town hall, as well as a number of churches. You'll also find several parks and multiple restaurants, like Godino's Bakery and Mama Ginna's. These features make this neighborhood perfect for investors who plan to target families looking for rental homes.

College Hill

This neighborhood features a rich history dating back to 1837. However, it's also a future-forward, eclectic college locale that every serious investor in Greensboro should prioritize.

In this prized location, you'll be able to rent to tenants who enjoy walking to restaurants, shops, work, and school, as everything is close together. Don't be surprised if many of your tenants are students at the University of Greensboro. 

Sunset Hills

This city is also considered to be one of America's nicest spots to live and invest in, as it offers a suburban feel while still allowing people live near the center of Greensboro.

Like College Hill, this neighborhood is situated near the University of Greensboro. That makes the city the perfect investing spot for landlords interested in targeting college students.

Your tenants will especially enjoy seeing the festive lights that brighten up the streets during the Christmas season, drawing spectators both near and far. 

How We Can Help You with Your Investment Property in Greensboro

At Home River Group, we get excited to offer top-of-the-line services in real estate acquisition, management, leasing, renovation, and maintenance for your investment property in Greensboro.

We can easily help you to determine the perfect amount of rent to charge at your investment property. Then, we can lease your house lightning fast to reduce your turnover and vacancy costs. Finally, we can handle all of your home's preventative services and emergency repairs for you. 

Partner with us today to start taking your bottom line as an investor to the next level!