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System - Tuesday, January 11, 2022
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When considering what real estate to invest in, do you ever think about green buildings? If sustainable homes are not on your radar, it is time to put them there, as renters are on the lookout. 

There is a growing demand for housing in Greensboro, North Carolina. And this does not look like it will slow down anytime soon due to the increasing population.

So, how can you stand out from the crowd and appeal to the broad range of ages living in Greensboro? Sustainable housing is your answer.

A sustainable home is a green building that optimizes energy and water use to be energy efficient. And it is one of the hottest real estate trends right now. Read on to learn why you should join this trend and invest in Greensboro sustainable homes. 

Market Demand 

There is a large student population in Greensboro who are environmentally conscious and looking for a green building to live in. Younger generations in general, such as millennials, are also more likely to engage in sustainable living.

Environmental awareness has increased in the past several years, and renters are looking for more self-sufficient homes. 

Solid Investment 

There are many affordable, sustainable homes available in North Carolina. But you also add value to the property when it is energy efficient, which can give you many benefits when you sell. A green building is more attractive to renters as it offers many long-term cost savings, so you can also charge higher fees. 

Fewer Expenses

There are various sustainable homes available, such as sustainable modular homes. But all have one thing in common: energy savings.

Cost of living prices continue to rise in Greensboro and nationwide. Thankfully, sustainable homes offer a solution. They utilize renewable energy such as solar power and sustainable water solutions, so monthly utility costs are significantly lower. Some sustainable homes even manage to be off-grid. 

Environmental Benefits

The US makes a significant footprint on the environment, so what can you do to reduce your environmental impact? Sustainable homes help reduce your carbon footprint, as they emit fewer greenhouse gases. Everyone needs to do their part to protect the environment, and sustainable homes are an excellent solution. 

Tax Cuts

Another way sustainable homes offer cost savings is through tax benefits. Often there are benefits on offer for owners of sustainable homes, such as tax benefits and credits in the US. Sometimes there are also incentives on offer to encourage buyers. 


As a landlord, you do not want to fix issues in the home frequently. It can hurt your reputation and your wallet.

Sustainable homes are built to last with materials that do not damage the environment. An example is sustainable modular homes made out of renewable and durable materials. These materials can last a lifetime, so do not worry about maintenance issues.

Sustainable Homes in Greensboro

Greensboro is the largest city in the Triad region of North Carolina, making it one of the best places to be a landlord. But do not invest in any house. It is time to invest in sustainable homes. 

To further reap the benefits of sustainable homes, consider using property managers to take care of your property. HomeRiver Group Triad is here to help you with your investment in Greensboro or the rest of the Triad. Contact us today to learn more. 

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