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The undersigned hereby submits an application to lease the following property under the terms and conditions of the Birch Management lease. A sample copy of the management agreement can be found here.


In order for the online application to be accepted, a non-refundable online application fee of $50.00 must be paid with either a credit or debit card.   The submitted application and fee are valid for 30 days from date of receipt.

General Information

Desired Property Information

Personal Information

Dependents Under 18 Years Of Age

(All occupants 18 and over must submit an application)


Rental History

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Employment Information

Current Employment

Former Employment

Financial Information (If you wish for it to be considered for your application decision)



Contingency Items

By submitting this application, I certify that I accept the property in as-is condition, unless specified below.

Should you desire to request any minor repairs, please read the below statement and list them below.

I have personally inspected the above referenced property and am submitting this application to lease the property, but request that the following repairs be considered prior to occupancy. If the items below are approved by the landlord, they become mutually agreed to conditions of the Residential Rental Contract (Lease) and are to be agreed upon by both parties on the condition that at least (10) days exist between this agreement and occupancy. Please note the Landlord and/or Agent reserve the right to negotiate and seek an increased monthly rental rate if the repair contingencies are in excess of $200.00.

It is further acknowledged that Agent does not have the authority to approve, or disapprove, the requests.

Other Information

Vehicle Information

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Emergency Contact


(view terms before accepting agreement)